To help you through your skin Happiness transformations studio 227 offers a wide range of treatments from

Oxegeneo – A medical grade oxegenation and hydration medical grade skin treatment from Israel.

Tripola skin firming

LED skin rejuvination and healing

Specific skin treatments

  • Menapause skin
  • Acne
  • Teenage skin
  • Anti ageing
  • Firming
  • Hydration
  • Pigmentation

Dibi Milano and Skin Happiness.

A world’s first patented formulations exclusive to Dibi Milano empowers the skin to fight back skin issues enabling the skin to stay younger and more receptive for longer. Dibi Milano a luxury cosmeceuticals believes in skin health and youth to be the building blocks to correct skin imperfections giving you absolute skin happiness!

Body Treatments

Body Exfoliation – $95

Body Massage – Relaxation/Remedial – $100

DeFuzz and Smooth – Bikini, Legs, Brazilian, Arms, Face
Prices range from $20 to $70

Studio 227 is all about skin happiness

... and your skin is my priority