Bioelements – What are they?

Bioelements skin care is a fusion of organic ingredients and science with no artificial colorants, fragrance or parabens and not tested on animals. From the packaging, to the ingredients in skin care, everything is biodegradable.

Bioelements coax the skin into shape, not assault it. Helping the skin to help itself, leaving you with skin Happiness .


LACTIC SKIN PEEL – excellent to lighten post acne marks, fine lines and dull skin are visibly improved.  Skin hydration is encouraged with the stimulating effects of organic pumpkin and pomegranate extract etc…giving your skin a healthy, happy glow. $140

GLYCOLIC DETOX CHARCOAL PEEL – A unique formula that is designed to leave the skin glowing rather than flaking.  Coconut charcoal will detoxify and draw out ageing environmental impurities. Excellent for hyperpigmentation, clogged pores, enlarged pores and smokers/dull skin. A happy winner!!  $140

Studio 227 is all about skin happiness

... and your skin is my priority