OxyGeneo – What is it?

We believe that every customer deserves to benefit from the best of all worlds:  safe, pleasant and non-invasive treatment, as well as long-lasting results that can be seen and felt immediately.

I have brought this new technology from Israel to Melbourne, the first that offers multiple skin benefits in the one device. And this is truly amazing!  A medical grade facial!!!

The Geneo+ technology offers 4 specific experiences:

1. Exfoliation. Very similar to microdermabrasion but better, where the upper layer of dead skin cells are removed.

2. Infusion. Natural, active, nutrient-rich ingredients are infused into the skin (like antioxidants and hyaluronic acid). This infusion penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin rather than just a surface glow.

3. Oxygenation. The system products CO2 bubbles that gently burst onto the skin, sending oxygen-rich blood to the surface, helping to absorb the nutrient-rich ingredients.

4. Tripola Technology. This is the most effective non-invasive treatment available that lifts and firms facial muscles and skin, giving you more contoured features

Please note that cumulative treatments give the best results that is longer lasting.

Radiance and Skin Happiness is a treatment away:

With this technology in my salon, I can offer you the most advanced and sought after Facial that is available – touted as the “Super Facial”.

This will boost oxygen levels, increase blood flow and boost cell metabolism, leaving your skin instantly brighter, clearer, rejuvenated, and toned with hydration levels increased like never before.

OxyGeneo is suitable for ALL skin types with most skin concerns addressed. The best news is: the results are both instant (great for special events) and packed with long-term skin benefits.

The combination of TriPollar RF and OxyGeneo improves skin quality both at the epidermis and dermis layers delivering long lasting results.

Radiant and Skin Happiness is a treatment away:

  • Visible results from the first treatment
  • Skin rejuvenation and firmed complexion
  • Oxygenation generated from within
  • Optimal absorption of revitalising nutrients
  • Suitable for all skin tones

Israeli brilliance in technology and science:

Oxygeneo = $180
Oxygeneo + Tripolar = $240

Packages are available on request and the cumulative treatments equal lasting results.

Studio 227 is all about skin happiness

... and your skin is my priority